Reseller Program Request Form

Event App Reseller

AppBurst can publish iPhone, iPad, and Android apps on your behalf under your organization's developer account if you prefer for us to be a behind the scenes technology partner. AppBurst is familiar with these types of partnerships and can accomodate 100% private label development on your behalf. We can also work by your side with your clients as a trusted partner. We are very flexible in accomodating the type of relationships that makes sense for your organization.

Why Partner with AppBurst?

  • We handle all of the technical details, app maintenance, App Store dealings
  • We can create a customized dashboard based on the type of information you need to publish and manage in your app
  • We  make your organization look cutting edge by leveraging our state of the art mobile platform
  • We have put thousands of hours into building our platform, and have worked out hundreds of bugs along the way. Don't make the mistake of trying to build from scratch
  • We provide ongoing functionality/maintenance
  • We are experienced in private label / white label arrangements
  • We require no upfront investment on the resellers part
  • We enable you to offer solutions to your clients/customers specifically tailored to their needs
  • We use the best cloud infrastructure to ensure that your app is always available and can scale to as many users as you need
  • We take your privacy and data security extremely seriously

Please use the below form to request additional information on AppBurst's reseller opportunities.